Advanced Dictation
Fall 2016

Due 6 September 2016
Notate soprano voice through end of "Kyrie" section (1:33)
Key: A Major  
Starting pitch: B4  
Time: 4/4
First measure: half rest followed by half note

Due 9 September 2016
Notate at least two voices through 0:37

Due 13 September
Everyone: notate clarinet part *in concert pitch* through 0:24
Advanced group: also notate piano part (outer voices)
Everyone: rather than solving one pitch at a time, try to build a mental image of the entire melody before writing it down. Work on memory in addition to hearing. 

Due 16 September
Continue clarinet sonata (Mystery Track No. 3) through 1:20
Notate clarinet part and at least the top voice of the piano part

Due 7 October
Notate: vocal line (complete). Learn each phrase aurally before writing down. 
Info: the piece is written in a slow 4/4. The pickup note in the vocal line (D-E) is an eighth note at the end of bar 2. The rhythm in bar 3 is quarter, quarter, eighth, eighth, quarter (tied across the next bar line). 

Due 14 October
vocal line (complete) 
First interval: A-F
Time: signature changes frequently, so just notate in 4/4 as best you can. Focus on the pitches. 

Due 18 October
soprano, bass, and roman numerals through end of prelude (1:20) 

Due 21 October
first 9 bars of allegro, soprano and bass
Process: memorize the soprano in sections, or in its entirety. Then, once you've memorized the "sound" of it, slow it down mentally and put the complete picture together on paper. The fast music is almost entirely scalar, so use the rhythm and changes of direction to help you make educated guesses about the fast-moving pitches.