Works in Progress

Three Songs After Henry James
A short song cycle on original texts adapted from the work of Henry James; commissioned by contralto Emily Marvosh
July 2018

A multimedia opera on the Arab Spring with a libretto by Tunisian author and journalist Meryem Belkaïd.
"First Glimpse" workshop performance presented by American Opera Projects (Brooklyn, NY) 
September 2018

In the Kingdom of Bells
An orchestral work commissioned by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra (Tucson, AZ)
November 2018

The Clearing and the Forest
A piece about borders: between nations, between ourselves and those we love, between nature and the built environment, between this world and the beyond.
This staged, evening-length production is commissioned by the SOLI Chamber Ensemble (San Antonio, TX)
May 2019

Title TBA
An evening-length, site-specific work commissioned by the Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (Philadelphia, PA)
November 2019