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Most of Scott Ordway's work is self-published, and is available for sale here. To purchase a work, click the title below.

Please allow 7–10 business days for delivery.

• All vocal and instrumental chamber works are available in print and sold as a set (score & parts). 
• Choral works are sold in bundles of 8–10 scores. Single perusal copies are also available. 
• Large ensemble works are available as perusal scores only. For rental and licensing inquires, please contact us directly via the form below. 


Tonight We Tell the Secrets of the World

String septet (or string orchestra), soprano voice, alto saxophone, lighting design, & whispered voices (2016)
25 minutes

Symphony No. 3

For orchestra (2013)
23 minutes in one movement

Foundation Music

for orchestra (2011)
10 minutes

Chamber Ensemble

Mare Vitalis: Part II "Townland"

piano quintet (2016)
15 minutes

The Sky Itself Was In This Very Room

string quartet (2014)
10 minutes

Composition (in brass)

2 tpt, 2 tbn, hn, tba (2016)
6 minutes

Mare Vitalis: Part III "Mistral"

vn, va, vc, org. (2016)
15 minutes


string quartet (2011)
9 minutes

Let There Be Not Darkness But Light

cl. vln. vlc. pno. (2012)
10 minutes

Brotherly Love

string quartet + tape (2015)
25 minutes

Piano Quintet No. 1

string quartet & piano (2008)
8 minutes

Instrumental Solo / Duo

Mare Vitalis: Part I "Breathmark"

solo piano (2016)
15 minutes

On April 18 2015 I Flew Over the North Pole

solo piano (2015)
8 minutes

Snow Elegy

piano four hands (2013)
5 minutes

Tell It Like a Secret

viola & piano (2016)
6 minutes

Survival Forms

Solo cello (2008)
8 minutes

The Dreams We Dream for the City of Roses

viola & piano (2010)
10 minutes

voice: solo & duo


soprano, alto, piano (2013)
9 minutes

The Divine Madness of Vaslav Nijinsky

mezzo-soprano & piano (2011)
12 minutes

Black is the Color

high voice & cello (2012)
5 minutes

vocal ensemble & choir

Baltic Trees

SSAA (2017)
5 minutes

Three Kalevala Songs

SATB (2014)
5 minutes

North Woods

SSAA + piccolo (2014)
14 minutes

Three Appendices from "North Woods"

Four-part vocal ensemble (2014)
3 minutes

Dona Nobis Pacem

SSAA a cappella (2011)
5 minutes

This Is The Month of Dreams

SSAA + fl, b. cl, vln, vla, vlc (2009)
10 minutes

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