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Most of Scott Ordway's work is self-published, and is available for sale here. To purchase a work, click the title below.

Please allow 7–10 business days for delivery.

• All vocal and instrumental chamber works are available in print and sold as a set (score & parts). 
• Choral works are sold in bundles of 8–10 scores. Single perusal copies are also available. 
• Large ensemble works are available as perusal scores only. For rental and licensing inquires, please contact us directly via the form below. 

Orchestra & Large Ensemble

Tonight We Tell the Secrets of the World

String septet (or string orchestra), soprano voice, alto saxophone, lighting design, & whispered voices (2016)
25 minutes

Symphony No. 3

For orchestra (2013)
23 minutes in one movement

Foundation Music

for orchestra (2011)
10 minutes

Chamber Ensemble

Mare Vitalis: Part II "Townland"

piano quintet (2016)
15 minutes

The Sky Itself Was In This Very Room

string quartet (2014)
10 minutes

Composition (in brass)

2 tpt, 2 tbn, hn, tba (2016)
6 minutes

Mare Vitalis: Part III "Mistral"

vn, va, vc, org. (2016)
15 minutes


string quartet (2011)
9 minutes

Let There Be Not Darkness But Light

cl. vln. vlc. pno. (2012)
10 minutes

Brotherly Love

string quartet + tape (2015)
25 minutes

Piano Quintet No. 1

string quartet & piano (2008)
8 minutes

Instrumental Solo & Duo

Nineteen Movements for Unaccompanied Cello

solo cello (2018)
55 minutes


Available as a digital PDF only. Secure download link will be emailed and available for 24 hours after purchase.

Mare Vitalis: Part I "Breathmark"

solo piano (2016)
15 minutes

On April 18 2015 I Flew Over the North Pole

solo piano (2015)
8 minutes

Snow Elegy

piano four hands (2013)
5 minutes

Tell It Like a Secret

viola & piano (2016)
6 minutes

Survival Forms

Solo cello (2008)
8 minutes

The Dreams We Dream for the City of Roses

viola & piano (2010)
10 minutes

Voice: Solo & Duo


soprano, alto, piano (2013)
9 minutes

The Divine Madness of Vaslav Nijinsky

mezzo-soprano & piano (2011)
12 minutes

Black is the Color

high voice & cello (2012)
5 minutes

Voice: Ensemble & Choir

You Are My Brother

SATB ( 2019 )
5 minutes

Baltic Trees

SSAA (2017)
5 minutes

Three Kalevala Songs

SATB (2014)
5 minutes

North Woods

SSAA + piccolo (2014)
14 minutes

Three Appendices from "North Woods"

Four-part vocal ensemble (2014)
3 minutes

Dona Nobis Pacem

SSAA a cappella (2011)
5 minutes

This Is The Month of Dreams

SSAA + fl, b. cl, vln, vla, vlc (2009)
10 minutes

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